Independence is not a privilege, it’s a right! And here, at GKG Solutions, we do everything possible to provide the best mobility & easy living products for you to keep your freedom of movement in comfort and support.

We understand how frustrating it can be to rely on someone’s help even for the simplest tasks, that is why we are offering suitable equipment to all those affected by reduced mobility.

GKG are access mobility equipment specialists and suppliers of mobility aids and equipment, and our aspiration is that of helping you maintain, for as much as possible, your self-sufficiency and independence.

Mobility Aids and Equipment

There are solutions that, most times, you will not have to worry again about not being able to pull yourself up from a chair, or not being able to go out for a stroll.  We are not only specialists in this field, we also have a wide range of equipment and accessories that can fit almost all your needs.

As a recommended supplier of Easiaccess modular ramps, we provide a wide range of quality access mobility equipment not only for your home, but also for your business.  You can choose from our portable ramps range, or ask for a bespoke permanent, modular ramp system, the options are endless.

Access Mobility Equipment

The Easiaccess permanent, modular ramp systems are fully recyclable, so when no longer required can either be uplifted, or their configuration can be changed to fit another building shape, two huge benefits compared to the traditional concrete, or other fixed ramp systems.

On the other hand, our wide range of mobility products such as electric mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs will ensure you can keep your freedom of movement regardless the situation. You can fit the mobility products to your lifestyle and choose from electric mobility scooters designed for all types of terrains or powered wheelchairs suitable for indoors or outdoors.

But there is more! In addition to the ramp access systems, mobility scooters, and wheelchairs we also offer a wide range of mobility accessories such as bathroom aids, handrails, riser recliners, walkers and more.

Mobility UK Equipment

All our mobility equipment is manufactured by established brands, guaranteeing the quality and durability of our solutions. And knowing that every individual has a different story and different needs, we are more than happy to talk and find the right solution for YOU!

We deliver all our mobility uk equipment nationwide! Choose your preferred delivery service from simple delivery or, if you also need help with the installation and would like to have an operational demonstration, benefit from our “White Glove Service”.

The proposed ramp access systems and handrails are also delivered nationwide and our team of experts can fit and install, conforming to Doc M requirements.

Contact us and regain your freedom of movement today! GKG Solutions - making life simple!

New Products

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