Wheelchairs are one of the most well-known mobility aids, and they come in a surprising array of shapes, sizes and designs, to meet the needs of each individual user.


Self-Propel wheelchairs are the traditional wheelchair that most people think of, you can either push yourself along using the large wheel handles, or if necessary a carer or assistant can push the chair for you. They are affordable, easy to operate and come with a range of styles and accessories.


Transit wheelchairs are designed to be moved by the carer or assistant of the individual using them, they come in a similar range of colours and styles as self-propel wheelchairs and with similar accessories.


Tilt in Space wheelchairs are adjustable to many different positions, they provide support and padding to keep the user safe, and can be self-propelled or pushed by an assistant or carer. Tilt in Space wheelchairs are often requested by prescription as they are adapted to the user for total support where required.


Travel Chairs are foldable chairs which can be packed into a car or carry-case, they are great for people who are able to walk, but may suffer from fatigue or dizziness, they are pushed by a carer or assistant like transit wheelchairs but tend to be lighter to make it easier to pick up.


Powerstroll units are a modern way to update an existing manual wheelchair, it adds a set of motorized wheels to your wheelchair allowing for an individual’s carer or assistant to move it with ease, these are especially useful for hills, difficult surfaces such as grass or dirt, or for giving an extra boost to get over a ramp.


For comfort and usability we offer a vast range of accessory options for each variety of wheelchair; cushions in a variety of sizes and materials including memory foam, fleece and inflatable varieties giving support and comfort for the user – especially useful if using the same wheelchair for a long time. Leg rests and amputee leg supports also seek to make your wheelchair as comfortable as possible for you. Bags and holdalls are a convenient way of keeping your items close at hand and there is also a selection of attachments designed to hold crutches, walking sticks and even your mug of tea or coffee. Hand muffs, ponchos, leg cosies and coveralls allow for all weather use – keeping you warm and dry, along with your chair and your bag. On a practical note, we also offer replacement tyres, headrests and lap belts, to ensure your safety and security at all times.

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