Powered Wheelchairs

Modern mobility power chairs are sleek, stylish chairs on wheels, giving you access to the places you need to go, indoors or out. With speeds that can leave others in the dust, and the astounding range of accessories, not only will help take back your independence, you may end up going places you never could before.


Powered wheelchairs can be driven by either the individual in the chair, or by their assistant or carer, they are a useful tool whereby families of individuals are able to assist them even if they were not able to when using a non-motorised transit wheelchair. With powered wheelchairs, users who cannot use traditional self-propelled wheelchairs and would rather not have someone push them in a transit chair can regain control over their own movements, giving them a sense of freedom and independence which can be a major boost to their self-esteem and can see their confidence skyrocket.


Mobility Power Chairs

We are pleased to stock a variety of high quality branded powerchairs, which each come in a range of sizes and colours to fit your personal preferences, they are designed with both comfort and safety in mind, with comfortable captain’s seats, plush head and armrests, secure footrests and padding where you need it most. We have powerchairs suited for indoor and dual indoor/outdoor use, with speeds of up to four miles an hour. They are a blend of the security and safety of a traditional wheelchair, with the speed and manoeuvrability of a scooter.


Thanks to their smaller size and user-friendly controls, powerchairs can be equally useful at home and in the supermarket. A number of the powered wheelchairs we stock have been designed to be extra lightweight, making them easy to transport in a car for outings with the family or trips to the supermarket alike.


Powered Wheelchair Accessories offer you additional customisation to make your powerchair truly your own. Kerb climber bars can assist you with tackling tricky pavements, elevating footrests provide extra comfort and support, and attendant brackets are available to allow your assistant, carer or family member to take control of driving if you need assistance for trickier manoeuvres. We also stock a range of storage bags, leg cosies, ponchos and cushions in our wheelchair range which can be used with a number of our powered wheelchairs to make your powered wheelchair just as comfortable, useful and secure as your traditional wheelchair, just with added horsepower.

New Products - Powered Wheelchairs

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