Walking Aids

It’s the little things in life that really make the biggest difference, and simply being able to walk outdoors without the fear of falling or needing to ask for assistance can not only have a huge impact on a person’s independence but on their self-esteem and confidence too. Walking aids allow people to get around their homes and continue their day-to-day routines without feeling any different from anybody else.


Walking Sticks and Crutches, including fold up’s and canes are the simplest walking aid out there – but can provide a big help. For individuals with arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos, Fibromyalgia or simply those who are finding themselves a little shaky on their feet, a walking stick can make the difference between staying indoors or going for a walk in the sunshine. Our range encompasses fold up walking sticks, rigid canes and crutches which offer more arm support for those who require it. We even stock all terrain canes, for people who enjoy the outdoors and need something that can handle a range of floors, canes with a built-in folding seat for when you need a rest, and adjustable canes with tailored left or right-hand grips – for maximum comfort and support. These are a simple, unobtrusive way to get you back on your feet, and to regain your self-confidence again.


Walking frames give a much sturdier support than canes or walking sticks, they allow you to have full support before taking your steps and can be invaluable around the house if you are prone to dizzy spells.


Walkers are frames with added wheels to keep you moving smoothly, modern walkers are designed to stop if you trip or stumble, providing peace of mind while you walk.


Triwalkers are three wheeled walking aids, they are usable indoors and out and with their optional bags and baskets are great for helping you carry shopping home. Attachable trays are also a great addition when using a triwalker indoors, giving you the stability of having both hands on the walker, while being able to carry food, books or simply tea and biscuits around the house.


Rollators combine the comfort of a chair and the functionality of a walker, with storage for shopping or anything you may need to carry, a chair for when you need to take a rest, handle-bars to support you while you walk, and the ability to be used both indoors and outside. Some rollators even have the ability to double as basic wheelchairs for when you need to rest but have assistance handy.

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