Daily Living Aids

To make everyday living easier and safer, there are a huge array of mobility aids and equipment to meet each one of your personal needs. Reclaim your home and your self-esteem whilst giving family members and/or carers piece of mind, knowing that you are safe.


For bathing we have anti-slip grips to prevent wet floors becoming a hazard, and long handled washing accessories/washing straps so you can feel clean without needing any assistance at all. For carers, we also stock hair washing trays for use with a sink or inflatable hair washing basins which can be a huge help with washing a client’s hair while they can stay in a position which is safe and comfortable for them.


It can be a huge hit to your self-esteem when your health starts to make dressing more difficult by yourself, to assist with the challenges of dressing, we can offer shoe, stocking and tight aids, along with dressing sticks, which reduce the need to bend or stretch in uncomfortable ways, letting you take back control and independence in morning routine, we also have accessories for life’s little nuisances, such as button hooks and elastic shoelaces.


A fantastic selection of chairs, seat grips and raisers, furniture pads and adjustable tables let your home be tailored around you, with a fireside chair adjusted to a height to suit you and table to match, there will be no more struggles or strains getting in and out of the best seat in the house.


With the selection of grab rails we have available, for every room in the house and in a fine range of colours and materials, you can have the support you need, wherever you need it most.


Our range of home health aides bring the gym to your home, with both gel ball and pedal exercisers, we also are pleased to offer pulse oximeters, pill cutters, poppers and organisers to take the worry out of daily medications.


Around the home, little inconveniences and bigger safety concerns can be tackled with household accessories designed with you in mind, with reaching aids and grabbers for hard to get to places, perching stools for a little support in any room, and magnifiers and armrest organisers for your books, magazines and correspondence.


The kitchen can also become a difficult place when you need a little help; we’ve collected a whole range of kitchen and dining accessories that we think can help, with automatic can openers, non-slip coasters and mats, bottle and jar openers, cooking utensils, easy pour kettles and several cups, each designed to make life easier and safer.

New Products - Daily Living Aids

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