Moving and Handling

Lifting and moving in difficult spaces can cause discomfort and risk injury to both the individual being moved and the carer/family member assisting them, that’s why we’ve brought together a selection of moving and handling equipment to give carers and family members the tools they need while maintaining dignity for the individual needing assistance.


Lifting aids are a huge asset for both carers and individuals alike, our range includes: simple leg lifters, allowing an individual with either immobile or difficult to move leg or legs to use their arms to move their legs to their desired position, for sitting, getting in/out of bed etc.


Free standing patient helpers, which give a sturdy support handle to support an individual in rising to a sitting position, lift aids where the individual and carer/family member work together to move the individual from one place to another – encouraging activity in the individual and giving them some control over their surroundings, which can boost their psychological state, while maintaining safety throughout.


Slings and hoists are also available to give a carer or family member the ability to move a patient or individual safely and with dignity, without causing injury to the carer through back strain, improper twisting actions etc, these slings and hoists are available in a huge range of sizes and to suit all needs.


Transfer aids assist in moving an individual/patient from one place to another while maintaining the individual’s dignity and ensuring safety and security for all involved.


For those who need a little help but still regain their independence, we offer a selection of swivel seat cushions and Integra shell chairs to make it easier to stand up from a seated position and to get in/out of cars. For carers, we supply a range of transfer sheets and platforms to make transferring patients safe for all parties involved.


The WendyLett Turning System is a combination of high and low friction material working together to allow carers to effectively and easily adjust a patient’s position in bed for health reasons as well as for the comfort of the individual involved. It can also be used to assist individuals to be able to turn themselves in bed independently of carers – for example when they have weakness in one side. We stock the WendyLett Turning System in a range of sizes and to meet each person’s individual needs and requirements. We also stock AbleAssist, AbleStand and Ambiturn transfer aids, which each allow the individual and carer to work together to transfer them from sitting to standing or from one place to another, these aids not only encourage activity in the individual but also are a good way of boosting a person’s self-confidence, as they are a vital, active part in the activity themselves.

New Products - Moving and Handling

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