Bathroom Safety

As the focal point of many of our daily routines, freedom to use your own bathroom as independently as possible is a major factor in increasing confidence and safety in your own home. We offer a variety of products to assist with all your bathroom needs, providing dignity and security with several useful and discreet options to benefit both individuals and carers alike.


Nowadays there are a huge number of mobility aids for bathing available, we’ve gathered together some of our favourites to make accessing your bath or shower easier and safer than ever before.


Mobility Aids for Bathing

Our bathroom range starts with simple steps, platforms and handles for those who need a little boost for stepping into the bath, along with non-slip mats for your security once inside. Sometimes you don’t even need or want assistance at all, all you need is the right tool for the job, which is why we stock long handle sponges, shower holders, and even longer reaching tile cleaners.


One of the most popular mobility aids for bathing are shower benches and stools, letting you wash in the shower without having to worry about slipping, falling or simply running out of energy. We have a selection of models of shower seats and stools, to allow you to choose the one that is perfect for your requirements, whether you prefer back support, backless or swivel seated to reduce your need to twist, or even smaller models to make space for your carer to assist you.


Bath lifts have come a long way in modern years, and we’ve been keeping up with their progression to make sure that we bring you the safest and most convenient models out there. With brands such as Aquila and Bellavita, there are innumerable combinations of seats, supports and covers for everyone’s needs and tastes. For both adults and children there are cushions, harnesses and headrests, to tailor your preferred bath lift to yourself and to your bath. With the lightweight, functionality of modern bath lifts, bathing can stop being a chore or a safety hazard for carers and individuals alike, allowing you to not only bath in peace, but also for the use of your bath to sooth aching muscles and joints whenever you need it.


Incontinence and the need for toilet mobility aids is very common for everyone at one time or another but can be a real hit to your self-esteem, especially if you have been an independent person and now need to ask for assistance, our range of toilet aids and incontinence accessories bring the privacy and dignity back to your routine; we stock incontinence underwear and pads, raised toilet seats, commodes, urinals, or even simple toilet frames and longer reaching toilet brushes so you can keep your usual routine and let your bathroom adapt to you.

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