Letting you take back your bedroom as a place of security and relaxation, our bedroom range has been collected to reduce the chance of injury to individuals or carers in the process of getting in or out of bed.  For something everyone does multiple times, entering / leaving your bed should be as simple as possible and shouldn’t risk your health or the health of your carers/family.


We’re here to turn your bedroom into the safe space it should be once again.


For individuals living at home and wanting to regain independence without sacrificing their safety or security we have a selection of mobility adjustable beds to assist you in sleeping comfortably, and to give you the extra support for being able to get out of bed with ease.


Equally important in our eyes is your mattress, which is why we have brought together an assortment, ensuring that you will be able to select the perfect one for your needs, whether you require a more solid mattress or prefer springs, foam, or otherwise. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a mattress to suit you here.


Adding to this are our selection of bedroom accessories including backrests, bed supports, mattress protectors and bedside tables – each with your dignity and freedom in mind.


For care homes our range of community beds are a practical solution to the difficulties faced by patients and carers when it comes to getting in/out of bed, each of the community beds are designed to be easy to clean, have adjustable backrests, knee and leg sections, not only does this make it easier for carers, but patients themselves can regain some independence by being able to adjust themselves to positions they find more comfortable for sleeping/resting/reading and may even be able to get out of bed by themselves – a huge boost to their self-confidence and moral. Our community beds come with a selection of rails and handsets to make each suitable for individual patient’s needs.


Furthermore, we stock a hospital range of beds, rails, cabinets, safety mats and mattresses; as with the community beds, each hospital bed is easy to clean and has options for height – adding safety for both patient and carer, lower beds may suit those who may need to access/leave the bed more often, whereas higher beds enable nurses and carers to interact with the patient without injury to themselves; side rails and bumpers add to patient security and peace of mind, while the various mattresses can accommodate every patient up to and including bariatric patients (along with our bariatric beds and other accessories).

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