Paediatric Range

Every parent cares about their child’s safety and happiness, that’s why we have created a range of paediatric mobility equipment to provide carers of children with the ability to encourage mobility and independence safely, without injuring themselves or the child they are caring for. It can be difficult to find a balance between safety and comfort, we’ve selected a variety of bathing products that we feel do just that, keeping the child you are caring for comfortable and secure, while ensuring that neither you nor they are injured in the process.


Bathing chairs keep children protected, and provide support while they are in the bath or shower, we also stock bath and shower frames which can be used to raise a bathing chair to a more suitable height for the carer to transfer the child in/out of the chair, and to make the chair easier for the carer themselves to access. The bathing chairs we offer have a range of quick drying materials, supports and straps, to keep children safe and prevent accidents.


Letting your child experience the world around them can be a great boost to their mood and is full of learning experiences; it can also be fraught with difficulty manoeuvring clunky equipment in a bustling high street or shop, thankfully modern mobility aids can take some of the difficulty away, letting you and your child explore and learn together. Walkers, trekkers and rollators provide the support for children with mobility difficulties to grow in confidence and independence, with a range of accessories, ankle prompts, seat harnesses, forearm platforms, baskets, and supports to tailor the equipment to your child’s individual needs. They also come in a range of colours, letting your child pick their favourite, from traditional blue and green, to goldenrod yellow.


Trotters are fully adjustable chairs, with extra support available wherever your child needs it. As well as support, trotter chairs have numerous accessory options; bus transit kits to make travelling on public transport easier and safer, bags for storage, trays, vests, canopies and more – you can mix and match to design a trotter which is perfect for you and your child, whatever your requirements or theirs.


We are also proud to stock Kanga Wheelchairs – suitable for children with mild to moderate positioning needs, these come with a range of supports, accessories and straps for your child’s safety and your piece of mind. For children who need support while sitting on the floor or at the table, we supply lightweight padded positioning seats which can be used at home, school, or on the go.

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