Mobility electric scooters are modern electrical chairs on wheels, brilliant for anyone with difficulties walking or who tire easily. They give people a way to get out and about, remaining independent, and are a great, environmentally friendly way for people to carry on with their routines, or even try going somewhere new.


mobility electric scooters

Mini Scooters are ideal for zipping around the supermarket or shopping centre, manoeuvring around tight corners with ease, and they have the additional feature that they can be transported in the car. So, you can store them for if/when you need them most – great for people who find they get tired on long trips out and would like a little help. Mini scooters have a max speed of 4mph and have a range of storage accessories, making them perfect shopping companions.


Midi Scooters are a good allrounder, being able to drive on the road as well as the pavement, these scooters are allowed to travel at 4mph on the pavement and can generally speed up to around 6mph, great for independent travel to the local shops, while still being able to manoeuvre round smaller spaces. These are the ideal scooters for individuals who have trouble walking but want to retain their independence and freedom.


Maxi Scooters are the largest and fastest of the scooters we stock, they are road legal and can reach 6-8mph, they are good for getting to and from places but will not be able to fit on busses or inside smaller shops. They are ideal for people who can walk, but need help if they need to travel slightly longer distances.


There is a plethora of scooter accessories out there, allowing you to personalise your scooter to your tastes and requirements. Additional batteries and chargers are useful when using your scooter in multiple places, keep one charger at home and another can come with you wherever you go for a quick top-up. Colour plates jazz up traditionally monochromatic scooters, making it recognisably yours. Holders, boxes and bags are available for crutches, oxygen tanks, walkers, canes or anything else you may need kept handy, keeping them secure and preventing accidents. We also stock scooter capes to cover yourself and your scooter when it’s raining, keeping you and your seat dry. For storage, we offer both folding steel ‘scooter garage’ tents or scooter covers for parking at home or away.

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