Respiratory aids are used by huge numbers of people across the world to assist with their ability to breath.  They can be used to dispense medication in the form of a liquid mist, or for therapies such as suction therapy – where an aspirator is used to remove fluids via suction.


Compressor Nebulizers come in both mains powered and battery powered formats, with masks to fit adults or children. Modern nebulizers can be highly portable and very quiet in comparison with older models, they are discreet and can be used both at home and in clinical settings. Once a treatment plan has been agreed with your medical provider, a nebulizer may be able to be used at home to lessen the amount of time you need to spend getting treatments at the hospital.


VacuAide Suction Therapy is used for both children and adults for clearing nasal, tracheal and oral passages through suctioning. By removing the mucous or other secretions from the airways it is an effective way of maintaining a patient’s airways. It can be used in a homecare or clinical setting, and thanks to its modern design it is incredibly quiet while in operation.