Ramps & Handrails

Ramps and handrails help individuals to re-claim access to the home and to the world around you.  They encompass many areas which can become difficult with reduced mobility, and come in a huge range from portable ramps for help with driving a scooter or wheelchair up a curb side, to larger permanent/semi-permanent structures as mobility ramps for homes, schools, businesses and shops.


We stock a range of brands across modular or combination ramp handrail systems.


Ramp Handrail

Modular systems can be tailored to your requirements, with ramps, stairs, handrails and solid panels all available and all able to fit the space available while providing a safe, non-slip surface to walk on or for wheelchair access, both self-propel and powered. Modular systems benefit from being easy to install, and adjustable to each person’s individual needs – whether for a home, a school or a store.


Pathway solutions are an easy way to turn uneven or non-accessible surfaces such as gravel and grass into smooth, wheelchair safe walkways, they come in several different lengths and are hardwearing, easy to clean, and easy to store too.


Mobility Ramps for Homes

Portable handrail and ramp kits can be positioned quickly for use and then packed up and taken wherever you need them. Portable ramp kits are available in folding or non-folding varieties, a variety of different widths and lengths, and are useful for scooters, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices.


A large variety of accessories are available too; storage brackets, security locks, wall-straps, visibility devices and more.


Threshold ramps provide simple, easy access over doorsteps and other flooring hazards, allowing access for wheelchairs and walkers, and preventing accidental slips and trips; they are available in a range of materials and are generally non-slip and lightweight, meaning they can be moved around the home or work wherever necessary.


We are proud to be a recommended supplier of Easiaccess modular ramps, providing portable or permanent accessibility for homes and businesses alike. These ramps are adaptable and recyclable – with ramps being able to be reused for different buildings and in different shapes. This is just one way we look to be environmentally responsible throughout our product lines. With good care these ramps and handrails will provide many years of safety and accessibility for your home or your business. Ramp and handrail systems can be delivered and fitted by our expert teams nationwide, giving you piece of mind for the security and longevity of each accessibility system we sell.

New Products - Ramps & Handrails

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