Easirail has been designed to extend our range of access solutions. Using the same high quality materials and finishes, Easirail is compatible with our existing range of connectors, providing a continuous, compliant and cost effective handrail system. Designed to be fast and easy to install, it provides the flexibility for a wide array of configurations. All components are fully galvanised and ready coated in a warm touch acrylic finish, providing effective corrosion resistance. The handrail is simply cut to size and attached using ultra strong rivets, providing a quick, secure method of installation. Easirail does not look industrial with oversized joints and is therefore perfectly suited outside any home. Whether alongside existing steps or running down a walkway, Easirail can be used to help those who would benefit from the further assistance and assurance that a handrail can provide. Whilst Easirail is designed to be installed independently of our ramp system, it can equally be used to extend and complement a ramp installation.