The award winning Easiaccess modular ramp system we recommend and install is the best of its kind available in the market today. Easy to install, configure and recycle it also includes a number of unique features.

Platform & Ramp Sections
All platform & ramp sections are fully galvanised with a multi-directional slip resistant walkway.

Platforms & ramps
All platform and ramp walkways are fully galvanised with a multi-directional slip resistant surface. They are quick and easy to install, have excellent drainage properties and hand rails are available to fit all sizes.

Legs & feet
Manufactured from galvanised steel, the legs come in various sizes with 2 different feet options. A standard rigid foot or a self levelling foot which can adjust to the slope of the ground, removing the need to undertake any form of groundworks.

Toe plates
Available in different widths to accommodate varying ramp sizes, a toe plate provides a safe and perfect finish to every ramp.

Handrails & Connectors
Galvanised handrails with warm feel slip resistant powder coating are complimented by high quality rail connectors providing a smooth continuous handrail.

All handrails are warm to the touch with a slip resistant powder coating.

All rails provide the following features and come with the relevant fixings for the corresponding platform or ramp sections. * 900mm high top rail * 600mm high mid rail * 100mm high kerb * 42mm diameter top rail * 38mm diameter mid rail and uprights *

Wall connectors
Manfactured in the same way as the other rail connectors, the wall connector provides a nice finish to the continous handrail from the threshold platform to the house or building wall. Complete with flange cover; this ensures that there are no unsightly screw fixings left exposed.

Rail connectors
Straight, angled and corner connectors are available to ensure that all handrails achieve a smooth continuous line. The soft touch outer collar provides a positive grip and warm feel. Manufactured from TPE and nylon, they are UV stabilised and suitable for temperature ranges between -20 and +50 degrees C

Gate & Step Unit
The Easiaccess gate & step unit is unmatched for quality and excellence by any other offering in the market today. With their unique features these products give a ramp installation its finesse.

Gate & step unit
The gate & step unit combination terminates a ramp installation beautifully. Aeshetically pleasing in every way and so easy to fit, these units are loved by clients but are also a ramp installers dream.

STEP UNIT: Zig Zag design allows for full height adjustability
Location: To provide ambulent access to a ramp or as a stand alone unit
GATE UNIT: Unique hinge pin design prevents gate from swinging too far
Location: Typically at the top of a step unit or at the edge of a platform

Infill Panels
For additional safety and security infill panels are now available. Typically specified in environments for children, increasing numbers of schools are now specifiying these invaluable additions from our range.

Mesh infill
Available in a mesh or solid style design, this product is being increasingly specified within non-domestic locations. Manufactured from galvanised steel and coated to match the handrails, this product is functional and stylish.

Solid infill
Typically specificed in environments where there is a risk to small fingers being caught, schools are increasingly looking to this type of solid infill panel to solve that very problem.