Neptune Side Flap Protectors

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The Neptune offeres a wide range of accessories including:

Cushioned Covers and Slide & Swivel Aid
Corner / Wide Bath Kit and Carry Bag
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness
Side Flap Protector and Extension Kits

Product Features

The full list of Neptune accessories and their features.

Cushioned Covers - Available as a complete set, seat only or back only
Cushioned Covers - Easily fitted and removed
Cushioned Covers - Padded cushions add extra comfort for bathing
Cushioned Covers - Antimicrobial protection for added hygiene control
Cushioned Covers - Suitable for hand washing
Corner / Wide Bath Kit - Safely extends transfer platform between seat and edge of bath to 28.5cm (11")
Corner / Wide Bath Kit - Allows bathlift to sit at the back of the bath for extra legroom
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness - Helps maintain body posture / prevents slipping
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness - Padding (polyester laminated neoprene) has soft contact with skin
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness - Easily removable and machine washable
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness - Adult length: 64 – 92.5cm (25" – 36")
Adult / Child Pelvic Harness - Child length: 50 – 71.5cm (20" – 28")
Carry Bag - Perfect solution for transporting the bathlift
Carry Bag - Has padded sides and strap for protection and comfortable carrying
Slide & Swivel Aid - Facilitates transfer on / off bathlift seat
Slide & Swivel Aid - Gel padded for comfort
Side Flap Protector - Hooks onto bath handle to prevent side flap from catching when raising bathlift
Side Flap Protector Extension Kits - Allows several side flap protectors to join together to form a wider protector on bath handle
Side Flap Protector Extension Kits - Limits movement or incorrect positioning


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