Premier Plus / Saver Middle Suction Cup

  • Model: AQJA0008

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Accessories For Both: Lap Harness / Chest Harness, Swivel Slide, Headrest, Pommel, Wedge Cushion, Upper Body Support Wings, Middle Suction Cups, Slide Flap Protectors.

Various accessories for added safety when bathing
Gel filled harnesses for soft skin contact
Swivel & Slide assists users with transfers
Headrest provides additional support

Product Features

The full list of accessories and their features which fit both the Saver and Premier bathlifts.

The Lap Harness helps prevent slipping for extra safety and is gel filled for soft skin contact
The Chest Harness helps maintain upper body balance and safety
It is gel filled for comfort and height adjustable to suit user’s size
The Swivel & Slide assists users with limited mobility to transfer on and off the bathlift and has gel filled padding to provide comfort
The Headrest provides extra support whilst bathing and is made from soft touch comfortable foam with easy fitting
The Pommel separates legs to help maintain correct posture and prevent slipping, and is easy to fit (seat holes must be predrilled)
The Wedge Cushion is positioned under user’s knees to maintain correct sitting position and prevent slipping
It is easy to fit to the bathlift (seat holes must be predrilled)
The Upper Body Support Wings provide extra lateral support and security and slot in quickly and tool free to backrest
The Middle Suction Cups can be added on occasion when uneven surfaces prevent adhesion of the front feet
The Side Flap Protectors are included as standard with every bathlift
They hook onto the bath handle to prevent side flap from catching when raising bathlift