Trotter Headrest Extension

  • Model: TR8021

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The Trotter is available with a variety of accessories, including headrest and headrest wing, bag, tray, vest, canopy, straps, tie downs and positioners.

Height and width adjustable headrest
Zippered bag is useful for storing essentials
Vest provides support and maintains proper body posture
Canopy provides weather protection

Product Features

The black nylon Headrest Extension is width and height adjustable
It provides additional head support for taller users
Can be used on bus transit models to help prevent head whiplash during rear end collision
The Padded Headrest Wing is height adjustable, providing lateral support for the head
The zippered Utility Bag hooks onto the back of the Trotter mobility chair
The Upper Extremity Support Tray features a safety lip and is easy to clean
The tray provides trunk stabilization and is useful for feeding
The adjustable Full Torso Vest provides support and maintains proper body posture and alignment. It replaces the “H” Harness
The height adjustable and removable Canopy provides protection from sun or rain and includes a clear flap covered observation panel
The adjustable and removable Lateral Support & Scoli Strap provides lateral support. It can be pulled to one side for Scoliosis correction
The Foot & Ankle Positioner straps provide adjustable support and positioning
The four Bus Transit Tie-Downs allow the Trotter to be used for transit