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GKG Solutions have been helping people maintain their independence for the last thirteen years, whether that be with mobility and easy living equipment, or with the supply and installation of access ramps, steps and handrails.

When we are unsteady on our feet, the fear of falling, of not being able to get up, of not being able to get back to where we started, can be all encompassing and very daunting.  That’s when we see our loved ones stop enjoying the life they once led. It doesn’t have to be like that!

As a recommended supplier of Easiaccess, we help people get their lives back. Whether it be as simple as installing a handrail at a back door to enable them to feed the birds in the garden... Or to fitting a modular ramp system, giving a level surface from the hall to the front path for a mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair to take them to the outside world.

There are many types of solutions for what the client sees as a huge problem.

Can you imagine having a dodgy knee or a very sore ankle, standing at the front door of your own home, where you are safe, and facing a 6 inch step down?  That grab rail at the side of the front door may be ideal to help pull yourself up, but how can it help support you going down?

A single step unit with handrails both sides can quickly eliminate that fear … reducing the door step by half, and supplying support both in and out of your home!

Why not allow us to see if we can help you and your loved ones.

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